Why Charter

Why Charter Your Local UMM Unit

As we start a new and challenging year in Men’s Ministry in our conference I encourage the men in leadership of our district and local church organizations to endeavor to inspire those organizations to become Chartered or re-certified under the umbrella of the General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM) located at our national office in Nashville TN. More than likely little will conjure less enthusiasm than discussing the UMM Charter of the local church. Please, however, bear with me as we approach this vital subject from a different perspective.

When local church UMM groups are asked to charter the question frequently arises,”What do we get out of it?” Often the answers are somewhat mundane,you get the UMM News magazine, support material from the GCUMM, etc. While all of this is true, it is not the primary reason we should charter. The motivation to charter lies not in the amount of stuff received but rather what the charter provides. Those provisions are illustrated next.

Charter your group if you are interested in prayer because the GCUMM partners with the Upper Room Prayer Line by providing funding for the 24 Hr toll free line. I’ve witnessed this line in action in Nashville and it is very busy.

Charter your group if you have a concern for feeding the hungry in our country. The GCUMM partners with the Society of St. Andrew working to end hunger in America. The same goes for feeding the hungry in third world countries through our work with the Stop Hunger Now project.

Charter your group if you care about little children being able to hear clearly. GCUMM supports Hope for Hearing, a ministry that our General Secretary, Gil Hanke, a speech and language pathologist, gives leadership. This ministry has been very successful in Haiti during this time of need.

Charter your group if your men are interested in scouting and other youth ministries. GCUMM is responsible for the scouting ministry in the United Methodist Church. The scouting ministry includes the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire USA, 4-H and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Charter your group if your men want to support our US Military, local fire rescue, police, and sheriff department personnel. Over the last 10 years the GCUMM through it’s Strength for Service to God and Country ministry has distributed over 450,000 devotional books to these groups.

A new ministry coming on board with the GCUMM is the Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry. It’s purpose is to take the blessing of the Disciple Bible Study into prisons throughout the nation. Over 70 prisons are already engaged with a goal of 1000 prisons ultimately. What a change this can make in the lives of those who are incarcerated and especially when they return to their home communities.

The GCUMM is deeply involved in the six ministries described above. Your charter fees directly support these programs along with other stuff materials and the small GCUMM staff. If you feel you wish to support any of the above ministries, then by all means, please charter. Chartering is a first step in saying “you can count on us!”.

If we as men in the local church choose not to become chartered units, at a cost of $85 per year, then it is possible some of these important ministries may not continue. It is through the charters that the GCUMM receives the bulk of its resources. The GCUMM is the only general agency in the United Methodist Church that provides 78% of it’s own budget. That means the GCUMM receives only 22% from apportionments. The goal is for the GCUMM to become self sufficient without any apportionment funds.

This can be accomplished and Chartering is the vehicle and the success lies in our hands.

To charter online or to download application forms please visit our national website at http://http://www.gcumm.org/support/chartering.htmlor call or write me for more information.


Bill West
President RMC-UMM


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